Teams consist of up to 14 individual athletes from the same school/branch per tournament
♦  Points will be totaled for no more than 1 athlete per school/branch in the following 14 categories;

♦  No substitutions for age or gender are permitted under any circumstances
♦  If multiple athletes from same club/branch are in the same category, athlete with the highest point total will be used
♦  Each school/branch must have an athlete in a minimum of 4 categories to receive team points at a tournament
♦  Different athletes can be used to represent their club/branch from one recognized tournament to another
♦  Schools/branches that are not affiliated are not permitted to share/borrow athletes and/or combine to form a joint team
♦  Branches from same parent School (same business name) can combine to form one team or choose to be separate
♦  Earned points at each recognized tournament will first be totaled, then rounded up or down to one decimal place

♦  Schools/branches will be ranked in order of total team points
♦  Should teams tie for 1st place at the end of the season, the following tie-breaker will be used;
      » a) Total athletes/categories combined, b) Total athletes/categories combined after removing highest event (3 remaining)   

♦  The school/branch with the most standings points at the end of the season will become SUPER CROWN CHAMPIONS!!