Season runs from October to June (coincides with the school year – no events during the summer months)
  All recognized tournaments are hosted independently and unaffected by the Super Series structure
  Participation is voluntary. Send request on the CONTACT US page to opt-out of the Super Series if desired
  No additional fee or registration process is required to be included in the Super Series (UTSS)
♦  Participation is open to all World Taekwondo (WT) style students and schools that are in good standing with the UTSS


♦  Age category is determined as of June 30th (This is to ensure students remain in the same age category for the entire season)
♦  Proof of age (Birth Certificate, Student ID, etc.) may be requested and required to confirm results after an event
♦  Competing in multiple age categories or in a category that does not represent your actual age is not permitted 
♦  Students will compete against other students from their same age category at all recognized events
♦  Each tournament reserves the right to combine categories if necessary for safety reasons or due to numbers
♦  The age category chart can be viewed or downloaded for reference at: AGE CATEGORIES


♦  Age categories are divided between color belts, black belts and transitional students (promoted to black belt within the season) 
♦  For point standing purposes ONLY, color belt ranks will be grouped together per age category (white to black stripe)
♦  Black belt ranks will be grouped together by age category only, degree of black belt will not be factored into categories
♦  Transitional categories are only applicable to students that are promoted to black belt during the Super Series season
♦♦ Classifications are for point standings ONLY and do not impact the groupings for divisions formed at any of the tournaments 


♦  The point scoring system chart can be viewed or downloaded for reference at: SCORING SYSTEM 
♦  Points are calculated from the results of recognized tournaments and posted on the RANKINGS page shortly after an event 
♦  Only individual Poomsae and Kyorugi events will earn points towards Super Series scoring 
♦  15.0 participation points are earned for each attended event in addition to points awarded for placing
♦  Earned points at each recognized tournament will first be totaled, then rounded up or down to one decimal place
♦  Should individuals tie for 1st place at the end of the season, the following tie-breakers will be used in respective order;
      » a) Total tournaments attended, b) Total events participated in, c) Total points after removing highest and lowest scores
♦  Athletes must be in full uniform and physically compete in a minimum of one event to be eligible for participation points
♦  Athletes must compete in a minimum of 2 tournaments to be considered eligible for winning an individual category 
♦  Point multiplier will be determined for each event once registration has officially closed but before the start of the tournament


  Teams consist of up to 14 individual athletes from the same school/branch per tournament
♦  Points will be totaled for 1 athlete per school/branch in the following 10 color belt categories;

♦  Only color belt athletes in the categories listed are eligible, no substitutions are permitted under any circumstances
♦  If multiple athletes from same club/branch are in the same category, athlete with the highest point total will be used
♦  Each school/branch must have an athlete in a minimum of 4 categories to receive team points at a tournament
♦  Schools/clubs can be represented by different students from one recognized tournament to another
♦  Schools/branches that are not affiliated are not permitted to share/borrow athletes and/or combine to form a joint team
♦  Branches from same parent School (same business name) can combine to form one team or choose to be separate
♦  Earned points at each recognized tournament will first be totaled, then rounded up or down to one decimal place

♦  The school/branch with the most total standings points at the end of the season will become SUPER CROWN CHAMPIONS!!   


♦  All tournament rules are inherited from each individual recognized tournament
♦  The Super Series format does not have an influence or impact on any competition rules at an event  


♦  All coaching credentials must be requested via email to the Tournament Director prior to the registration deadline
♦  Only coaches with printed credentials will be permitted to access the competition floor and/or to coach athletes 
♦  All coaches must be a minimum of 15 years of age or older – no hats, sunglasses, cut off shirts, or sandals are permitted
♦  Coaches under 18 years of age must be of black belt rank and be in full uniform in order to coach   


♦  Poor sportsmanship, verbal or physical abuse of any kind (perceived or observed) will not be tolerated
♦  For any incidents that occur at a tournament, please see the Tournament Director of the event immediately
♦  The UTSS reserves the right to suspend or remove athletes from the results/rankings due to disciplinary violations
♦  Persons that have outstanding fees owing to any of the recognized events will be ineligible for results/rankings


♦  Events or activities looking to be considered for inclusion in a future UTSS season, please use the CONTACT US page 
♦  Consideration and final decision of adopting new events will be made by July 15th following the recently completed season

Last updated: October 10th, 2022